Markie Mark’s 31 Days of Halloween, 10-27-14 (Guest Blog)

What’s on today’s slab…


Today’s flick… The Thing (’82)

The Thing

Arguably one of the best remakes ever and arguably one of the best sci-fi horror movies ever. With a isolated setting and a scary story idea, this film still gives chills after all this time. Is the film dated, a little. Does it hold the film back? No, it’s a classic in my book. The movies has so much going for it such as the film’s use of real effects, a chilling soundtrack, solid cast, and John Carpenter at his best. There is a 2011 prequel that is underrated, not as good or needed to enjoy this, but it is interesting.

Bad Timing: The film didn’t do well when it first came out. It opened against Blade Runner and E.T. opened a couple of weeks before. Luckily it gained popularity over time on its way to becoming a classic.


Today’s episode… Kingdom Hospital: The Kingdom Come (S1, E1)

Thy Kingdom Come

Anything with Stephen King is usually going to be good and at least creepy. Now lets set it in a haunted hospital, now that’s fun. Show didn’t last long sadly, it had a lot of potential.

Predator: The director of the episode is the second unit director of Predator. 


Today’s jam… Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

Is the song about Frankenstein? Hate to burst the bubble, it is not. I’ll let you discover what it’s about. The vocals and angry, demanding feeling give you an evil is taking over feeling.

Lyrics: Favorite lyrics, “Hungry for love, And it’s feeding time.


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