Markie Mark’s 31 Days of Halloween, 10-28-14 (Guest Blog)

What’s on today’s slab…


Today’s flick… The Woman in Black

Woman in Black

I know there aren’t a lot of positive reviews about this one and I can see why. I’m writing about this because the book is scary, the play is really scary in person, and the 1989 British television movie is scary. The Daniel Radcliffe movie is good for the most part and is a solid ghost story, and has some chills if you give it a chance in the dark. Probably my only issue with the film is the soft ending, it should of been darker.

Sherlock in Black: Mark Gatiss from Sherlock was asked to write the screenplay, sadly he declined. 

Note from Chris: I’ve heard Daniel Radcliffe does a great job in this film. I really want to see Horns because of him.


Today’s episode… The Kingdom (S1, E1)


This is a miniseries from Denmark and is a little dated, don’t let that scare you away! This one is about another haunted hospital where unusual events are taking place.

Lars: Lars von Trier directed several episodes, he also did the very intense movie Antichrist. 


Today’s jam… I’m Your Boogie Man by Rob Zombie

KC and the Sunshine Band did the original version, which is a very fun classic. Rob Zombie’s version is a great listen for Halloween. Though Zombie sings it intensely, even he can’t get rid of how fun the song is.

Crow Watchmen: The song is nicely used in the underrated Watchmen movie. Rob Zombie did this song for the movie The Crow: City of Angels.


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