Markie Mark’s 31 Days of Halloween, 10-29-14 (Guest Blog)

What’s on today’s slab…


Today’s flick… The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

The film has held up really well and you still feel the emotion and chills that came with it when you first saw it. Remember when the name M. Night Shyamalan didn’t cause laughter or fear of how bad will his movie will be? This is Night at his best, although I do enjoy his movies Signs and most of The Village, this is his best. Though the twist ending may not have the huge impact it once did, the film still provides some good chills and some light jumps for Halloween. The scenes between Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, who were perfectly cast, still hold great emotional value and keep you invested. One thing that people over look about this film and other Shyamalan movies is the music by James Newton Howard. His music for the film adds so much emotion and helps the tension build. Time to revisit this one.

Best Sense: Film was nominated for 6 Oscars including Best Picture.


Today’s episode… Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of the Dream Girl (S3, E10)

AYAOTD Dream Girl

This episode inspired The Sixth Sense and you’ll easily see how. This isn’t one of the scariest episodes of the show, but it is a nice haunting love story.

Intro: How about that scary intro for the show? Roll it Chris!


Today’s jam… Bad Things by Jace Everett

Yes, the True Blood song. I feel like this a good song to get in the mind of a hunter who has found their prey and wants to do bad things to it. It’s also just so damn catchy and smooth. Sadly the song couldn’t save the latter seasons of the show, but that’s for another time.

Intro: Do we have a True Blood intro clip somewhere Chris?… We do?… Sweet, roll it!


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