Update: My Big Projects & Other Stuff

What’s been happening with me? Find out!

Hey loyal readers! Just wanted to give you a quick heads up as to what’s been happening lately. First off, I will still be writing on here, but a lot of bigger projects I want to do have been taking a backseat as of late. This includes my epic 5 part “Top 50 Movies” post, my ranking projects involving Disney movies and TV episodes by season, and my “Top 100 Wrestlers of All Time” collaboration project. They will happen, don’t you worry, and I will try to have them all done by the end of 2017! But I’ve been involved in a few new projects and I need to make you guys aware of them.

First off, I’ve officially launched my creative community website, the Club Kayfabe Creative Community, which is still in the process of being developed, but you can click the link and see what’s happening. I will be bringing together a whole collection of podcasts, artists, cosplayers, bloggers, and more into one gigantic community, which I hope will be very big in the next few years. It’s been a pet project of mine for awhile, and I’m extremely proud to announce the project launch. In fact, since this blog is now in conjunction with my podcast also called Jersey Rain, I officially renamed this blog to The Commissioner’s Thoughts to give it its own identity.

Likewise, I am now a weekly columnist for Veracity as their main wrestling writer. I will be posting weekly articles every Thursday about the wrestling business, written from my own insider point of view. The topics will vary quite a bit, and down the line, I may even write about other topics of interest. I will also do a weekly Q&A on the site, so if you’d like me to answer your question, feel free to send them my way.

And to top things off, I am working closely with Presence Internet Marketing on helping small businesses create their websites and get their businesses promoted on the internet. The founder of Presence, Jay Huhn, helped me design the CKCC’s website and is the mastermind behind Veracity. I owe him a big thank you for everything he’s done for me! By the way, if you use me as a referral when you sign up with Presence, you can get a discount on your services! So tell them I sent you!

Add in my regular 40 hour weekly job and my personal life, not to mention my streaming series I’m working on creating, and the book I want to write, and you can see why I don’t have 1/8th of the time to write on here as I’d like. But I promise everyone who reads this blog that I will keep publishing as often as I can! It is usually easier for me to post smaller, simpler blogs published faster, so you may see some random top 10’s popping up. But I will do my best to start giving my bigger projects the attention they deserve, and hopefully get them all out before we hit 2018. I’ve pushed a few of them far enough back, and I will find the time needed to sit down and get them all done.

I thank you all for continuing to read this blog, and I hope you’ll check out my other ventures as well! Please remember to follow me on social media too. CKCC and Veracity’s links are right on their webpages. You can reach me on Twitter @chrisomealy, Instagram @comealy17, and friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already – but send me a message first, as I disregard friend requests from people I don’t know.

See you next time!


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