Post-Birthday Updates

Hello everybody! I just wanted to give you a couple of updates. Things are progressing kind of slowly right now, but I still have big plans for 2018.

Due to my ever increasing busy schedule, I’ve decided to forgo any plans for a 12 days of Christmas project. At least this year. My focus right now is to get my Disney project done, and I want that completed by the end of the year. Trying to tackle a second project right now would distract me too much. So at least this year there will be no Christmas project. This way I can focus all my effort on writing my Disney blog.

So how is that blog going? Well every time I get time to write I end up struggling. Mostly because I’m trying to perfect everything I’m writing the very first time out. This is causing me to go back, reread everything I’ve written, get annoyed at my overusage of the same words, and edit preventing me from getting any further. Because that’s holding me up so much, I decided to simply ignore my editing for now, and plowed through the project getting everything written out. I’ll then go back and edit once everything is done. It’s one of my flaws being a perfectionist, and I’ve put so much pressure on myself for this project that it’s probably going to disappoint me at the very least. But since people really want to see it I’m just going to get it done and let it be.

There may be a handful of other small blogs that may pop up by the end of the year. I put a few ideas together and started one or two just for fun, like a ranking of Rick and Morty season one. Whether or not that will be out by the end of the year I’m not sure, but I have more stuff like that planned.

Now for the big question: what’s happening in 2018? I have some big plans, and here they are.

365 DAYS OF MUSIC: THE ULTIMATE COUNTDOWN. On New Year’s eve I’m going to launch a blog that will list out my favorite songs of all time. 365 of them to be exact! And I will add one every calendar day of 2018. This is a project I’m really looking forward to and was inspired by my friend Jeff. His project was a tad different as he listed all of his songs based on how many times he’s played them. While I’m taking that into consideration, I am going to list them out in a preference order. You may be surprised as to what pops up on this list. Then again you may not! Look for that on December 31, and to be edited daily in 2018!

MY 100 FAVORITE MOVIES. I’ve put this off long enough and people really want to see it. So next year you’re going to get it: my 100 favorite movies of all time! You may be surprised as to what shows up on this list too, but then again if you know me, there won’t be any real shockers. I making the official cut off for this list the end of this calendar year, so even if I see a blockbuster in 2018 that blows me away, it won’t make that list. That was a huge snag putting the project off the first time. New movies were getting added before I could even finish the countdown. So this time we’re just gonna do it.

THE SUPER NINTENDO PROJECT. More details to come later, but I’m going to play in rank every single game in the Super Nintendo library, at least in North America. I’m enlisting my friend and podcast partner Dan to help, and there may also be a video series to accompany.

WRESTLING ARTICLES FROM VERACITY MOVED HERE. My writing gig for Veracity has reached a stall.  The man who runs the website is simply too busy to keep up with it right now, so in the meantime I’m going to move my wrestling articles here. I have a lot I’ve wanted to say, especially with Paige’s return last night, so I’ll use my own blog as a forum for the time being. I’m not sure if I’ll do them weekly, but I’ll make sure to keep them going. That means I’ll also keep up with the Q&A. Hey Chevon, I’ll answer your questions again!

Last and most importantly, THE CKCC REBOOT. My website side project REALLY took a backseat this year due to my schedule, but I’m determined to get it back on track in 2018. This is very important to me, as I have big plans for the website and the community, I may need some help with this one, but I have a community of friends who will happily assist. I also may need a website editor. Not sure on that one yet.

hopefully this is the last update! I will go for the Disney project and maybe something else to close out the year, and then hit 2018 full speed ahead. You ready? I’m ready! Let’s do this!

I also used text-to-speech for a majority of this so please excuse the poor spelling and grammar in places.


4 thoughts on “Post-Birthday Updates”

  1. I also have big plans for December too like my top 10 favorite movies of 2017, my ranking of the Star Wars movies and of course, a review of The Last Jedi. I’m just as pumped for The Last Jedi as I am with your Disney project. I hope you’re doing great.

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