2018’s Daily Project: My 365 Favorite Songs Of All Time

LAST UPDATED: April 29, 2018.

This will be for my 2018 daily project, in which a new song will be published daily. For those of you who arrived via Facebook and Twitter, please bookmark this page if you wish to follow along, as I will be updating daily but will not be posting a link to this page every day. Or follow this blog! Thank you and enjoy listening along!

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Somehow, someway, I managed to sort through thousands and thousands of songs in my collection and pick out my 365 favorites. I did this by sorting through the most played songs in my media collections, and then moving them about in personal preference. I did this without including any WWE songs, TV theme songs (originals), video game tracks, Christmas songs, or even movie score pieces, so the list is “real” music. Well, it’s all real, but this is based on stuff you could hear on the radio. I do have a few personal preferences in cover material in here, but we’ll get to those along the way.

In my last post, I mentioned who my favorite artists were. You may shocked at how few of those songs make the cut. In some cases, none of them cracked my top 365! You may be surprised as to what comes up. Then again, you may not be. Consider this the countdown to end all music countdowns! Although I’ll definitely do more musical blogs this year.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this list! Be prepared for some surprises. Do you know what my #1 song will be? Each passing week we climb higher up the charts, and #1 will ring in the new year for 2019!

Enjoy the countdown! And remember to check back daily!



Each following date will provide a clue as to what you’ll hear next. See if you can guess what it is!


365. Escape the Fate – “One For The Money

Although released in 2013, I only discovered this song two years ago, and played it a lot. It’s very catchy, although it’s lyrics are NSFW, unless your work is good with a lot of F-bombs. It’s catchy enough to make this countdown, even if it’s in the last spot. But hey, it beat out literally thousands of other songs for this spot!


364. Hootie & The Blowfish – “Only Wanna Be With You

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Hootie & The Blowfish, I’ve always enjoyed this song and the accompanying sports themed music video. Darius Rucker is a country singer now, and a damn good one, even though I’m not a country fan. I give him a lot of respect for that.


363. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “The Impression That I Get

I’m not a big ska guy, but damn, this song is catchy! Sadly if you like ska you may be disappointed that no other ska will appear on my countdown. Reel Big Fish was considered but did not make the final cut.


362. Helmet – “Unsung

I don’t recall when I discovered this song, but I remember being excited when it was featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I was able to see Helmet perform live at Warped Tour in 2006, and I was front row for them. This is still my favorite song of theirs, and probably always will be.


361. Rev Theory – “Hell Yeah

I discovered this band when they were still a revelation, but when they dropped the -elation in their name, their big hit became my jam for a period of time. I love this song, with its high energy, it makes me want to go out and do…something. And headbang. Lots of headbanging.


360. Fozzy – “Judas

It was easy to get hooked on Chris Jericho’s band because he’s my favorite wrestler of all time, but it was even easier to stay hooked on Fozzy because of how good they are. Judas is their new single, and the accompanying music video is fascinating to watch. This song is currently my favorite of theirs.


359. R.E.M. – “Everybody Hurts

I’ve always been a fan of R.E.M., so I don’t remember how I first heard this song, but it’s one of their better songs. It’s also pretty true, every single one of us hurts at some point in our lives, and it’s okay to embrace that side and feel feelings. This is a good song to listen to when you’re feeling down, because it’s surprisingly uplifting despite the somber overtones.


358. Starset – “Monster

Another one of those songs I discovered last year but have played a lot since then. The music video is unique too, like something out of the OASIS from Ready Player One. I really like this song, and it will probably get bigger for me as the years go on. But since it’s still so new, it won’t be much higher on the list for now.


357. Ghost – “Square Hammer

A lot of newer songs are down this low, simply because they haven’t been my library that long. This was a 2017 discovery that caught on with me big time. The chorus is insanely catchy and the music video is done very well. But are they just Ghost, or Ghost B.C.? I’m not sure…


356. I Prevail – “Alone

When I first heard the opening rift for this song on the radio, I thought I was listening to a new Linkin Park track. I was a little disappointed when it wasn’t, but I kept listening anyway. Now this song is part of this elite group of 365 favorite songs, and it only came out last year!


355. Nothing More – “Go To War

This isn’t the Nothing More song that made me a fan of the band (that will come later) but this track cemented me as a fan of their work. The song has a good message behind it too. Fighting amongst our loved ones can lead to more problems. Everyone can relate to that.


354. The Pretty Reckless – “Take Me Down

Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou Who, and she grew up to be…how do I put this? Smoking hot. She’s also an amazing singer. I have a hardcore soft spot for rock & roll bands with female vocalists, so the Pretty Reckless is a band that I have two eyes on. This won’t be the last time you hear Taylor Momsen’s voice on this countdown.


353. Weezer – “Hash Pipe

I think my first Weezer song was Buddy Holly (popping up later) but this song helped cement me as a Weezer fan. They aren’t a top band for me, but I wouldn’t say no to attending one of their shows. Their songs aren’t usually very heavy sounding as far as overall instrumentals go, but this one does a nice job. Who else has their hash pipes?


352. Twenty One Pilots – “Ride

This song was on regular rotation in 2016, which caused me to become a fan of it, but it got a lot more play when WWE put it in their 2K17 video game. The video is a lot of fun, as we switch from day to night faster than Castlevania II. I’m a fan of Twenty One Pilots now, but sadly, their other songs didn’t make the final cut here, so this will be the last time I play them on this countdown.


351. The Beatles – “Let It Be

The classic rock band that sparked the British Invasion has arrived on my countdown with an excellent song. I hope the legacy of the Beatles is one that we’ll never just…let it be. Ahem. I’ll show myself out now. Until tomorrow anyway.


350. The Proclaimers – “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Ahh yes, one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time. While this song is a staple of the movie Benny & Joon starting Johnny Depp, I connect it to my nostalgic childhood where MTV actually, you know, played music videos. This song will never get old no matter what.


349. Rammstein – “AMERIKA

German metal band Rammstein has been something I’ve enjoyed since before high school thanks to friends in scouts who took German classes and embraced the culture. This song satirizes America so perfectly with its music video, even if I don’t speak much of the language, I can still rock out all the same. We’re all living in America! Coca-Cola, wonderbras!


348. Usher featuring Lil’ Jon & Ludacris – “Yeah!

Yes I am serious. This was the biggest hit in 2004 and I was part of the reason this song was so popular. It’s insanely catchy, with Usher’s vocal talents (he’s a pretty good singer) being backed by two very good rappers in Lil’ Jon and Ludacris. I hope you went on a nostalgia trip when you played this, like I did revisiting it!


347. Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Walk on Water

Jared Leto (a good choice for the Joker – fight me) and his band film 24 hours in the life of America taking place across the country on the 4th of July. It’s a really cool video showcasing an ambitious project, and the song fits in perfectly. This song will have you feeling like you can walk on water too!


346. Eminem featuring Dido – “Stan

I’ve been an Eminem fan since the Real Slim Shady. He’s easily my favorite rapper/hip hop artist. This song is extremely powerful, and the video is so intense that it’s heavily censored. Stan, a obsessed fan of Em, keeps writing to him but he doesn’t hear back and goes off the deep end. Dido’s song “Thank You” provides the chorus, which creates the eerie atmosphere, and sets the tone for one of Eminem’s most powerful songs of all time.


345. Taio Cruz – “Dynamite

While this type of music generally isn’t my thing, a few songs catch me that I enjoy listening to and even fist pumping like a clubber. I heard this song while it was a popular hit, as it played at many of my friend’s weddings, and then it was played at mine. And yes, I was fist-pumping. Don’t judge.


344. LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem

Like Dynamite, this is a song that I really started hearing at parties and weddings and it kind of grew on me. I don’t really care for any of LMFAO’s other songs, but this one is quite literally an anthem for those times when I want to party…or rock! I guess the title works.


343. Placebo – “Running Up That Hill

I first heard this cover of the Kate Bush single by Placebo when it was used for the trailer for the 2009 vampire movie, Daybreakers. I love the haunting rendition so much that it became a favorite of mine. There are a lot of covers I play way more than the original, or have instead of the original, and many more will show up on this countdown.


342. Sixx:A.M. – “Rise

I’ve always enjoyed Sixx:A.M. so I liked this single, but I had a hell of a time finding it when it came out. I couldn’t locate it on iTunes or even YouTube. It was like it was only playing on the radio for the longest time. I thought I was going to have to go old school and hold a tape recorder up to the stereo speaker! In retrospect it was probably only a week or so I couldn’t obtain the song, but it felt like forever.


341. Talking Heads – “(Nothing But) Flowers

Ahhhh, paradise! This song depicts a world where we’ve reverted back to a state before society discovered technology. Like many people, Clerks II introduced me to this beautiful masterpiece. If only the paradise it speaks of was true. I think I’d be fine.


340. Jason Mraz – “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)

I’m not really a Jason Mraz fan, but I’ve always really loved this song. It’s got a good upbeat melody and message behind it, so it’s hard not to get addicted to it very quickly. Jason Mraz has another song I enjoy, but otherwise his style of music isn’t my main taste. Still, I can make exceptions for almost anybody, and this is proof positive.


339. Twista featuring Kanye West & Jamie Foxx – “Slow Jamz

Back in my early college days, I was commuting, and forced to find a new radio station to enjoy when I could no longer detect the ones near home (this was in the early days of mp3 players, kids). I found a top hits station, and this was the popular song of the time. I was hooked from day one. This song still gives me a great feeling of nostalgia every time I play it.


338. The Turtles – “So Happy Together

Does anybody else get a feeling of euphoria listening to this? It makes me so…happy. So very happy. Remember when Smash Bros used it in their original Nintendo ads? Amazing overall. A classic through and through.


337. Saving Abel – “Addicted

If you don’t think this song is sexy, you’re lying and/or wrong. While the video version is the censored radio version, it’s still a steamy tune to play in the bedroom, or on the road which is how I normally play it. Saving Abel has some other good songs, but this is my favorite, and the one they’re known best for.


336. Styx – “Come Sail Away

I admit, there are only a few Styx songs I can truly tolerate, but this is one of them. It’s relaxing yet it rocks all the same. Remember Eric Cartman’s cover from the Chef Aid album? It’s surprisingly good, despite Cartman being an awful singer. Styx has a unique sound and most folks either love them or hate them. I can take or leave them but I’ll always be a fan of this song.


335. Rockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me

While I’ve always enjoyed this song as a whole, I generally don’t listen to it during the year unless it’s Halloween season. It’s a great song for the season, since it has a creepy overtone with the singer feeling like somebody is stalking him in his own home. There are a small handful of creepy visuals in the video, but not many. Still, it’s a Halloween staple of mine, and I play it enough that it makes this countdown.


334. Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Bad Moon Rising

Another staple from my Halloween playlist is this classic by CCR, one of my favorite bands of all time. I love their mixture of cultural folk rock. Bad Moon Rising isn’t their best song for me, but it’s up there for sure. While I definitely play this around October more than any other time, it’s safe to say it will remain cemented on my list for a long time.


333. Iyaz – “Replay

I honestly can’t explain why this song hooked me so well. The beat and the soothing voice of Iyaz certainly help, but I think it’s because I heard it on repeat (or replay) at Universal for the years I worked there. Whatever, I like it so it really doesn’t matter how it came to be. And yes, I have listened to this on replay once.


332. Skillet – “The Last Night

Who would’ve thought a Christian rock band would hook me in so deeply? This is a powerful song about a girl contemplating suicide and getting the help she needs. It’s very relatable song to anyone who has ever known someone going through this, as I have. Skillet’s songs are all beautifully performed, both vocally and instrumentally, and you will see a lot more of them on this countdown.


331. Pat Benatar – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I’m not the biggest fan of Pat Benatar, but I’ve been a fan of this song since I first heard it when I was a kid. It has a simple melody that gets stuck in your head, and it has a good message about how she can withstand whatever is thrown at her. I remember acing this song in Guitar Hero and feeling like a rock star. Rock on!


330. Soul Asylum – “Misery

Ah, Soul Asylum. Many people remember them for their Runaway Train video, but this my favorite song of theirs. I remember first hearing it on the airwaves of MTV, back when they actually played music, and it found its way back into my heart when Clerks II used it for their closing song. Will this be the last time Clerks comes up on this countdown? Maybe…maybe not.


329. Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply

This song is so mellow and relaxing. For a band called Savage Garden, they sure sound more like a garden than something savage. That isn’t a knock at them either! I love their music and this song is their best. Guys, play this for your girls. Or sing it, if your voice isn’t awful.


328. Death Cab For Cutie – “Soul Meets Body

I admit, my interest in this song was sparked by a girl I was interested in a very long time ago, and its impact on my life has faded since. I still like it enough to give it a spot on the countdown though. It’s mellow, relaxing, and kind of fun…but this is a weird band name. Possibly the weirdest in my collection. I also know literally nothing else by them.


327. Daughtry – “Feels Like Tonight

He isn’t going to appear much on this countdown, but rest assured, I am a very big fan of Chris Daughtry. I don’t watch American Idol, but seeing him on that show made me a fan of his instantly, and an anti-Idol person the moment he was voted off. He has an incredible voice, and knows exactly how to use his range to get the most out of his songs.


326. Shaggy featuring Ricardo Ducent – “It Wasn’t Me

As soon as I hear this song, I am instantly traveling backwards through time. This song is catchy but it’s also ridiculous. My girl caught be cheating, so the way to get out of it is to lie and claim it wasn’t me? That doesn’t sound like a smart strategy, yet here we are! This may be my favorite throwback song for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that this song makes me laugh.


325. Jonathan Young – “Wanna Be Like You

Ah yes, Jonathan Young! My favorite musical artist on YouTube! This man covers a LOT of great songs, but my favorites are his Disney tracks. He does metal and other types of covers of all the great Disney classics. You will hear more of these as the year goes on. We kick it off with this jazzy cover of King Louie singing to Mowgli that he wants to be a human too from the Jungle Book.


324. Future Idiots – “Bad Romance

Another YouTube cover artist strikes! The Future Idiots have a bunch of covers, but their Lady Gaga rock covers are the best. Bad Romance is a guilty pleasure song of mine, but once I heard this rock version, I ended up ranking it a lot higher than people would expect. Lzzy Hale does a great version of this song too, but I chose to rank this one because it’s been in my collection the longest.


323. Eminem – “Not Afraid

I’m not a big hip hop guy, but I love Eminem. I have most of his albums, and I have the fondest memories of Encore, which is one of my favorite albums ever. This is a newer song, so it doesn’t rank too high, but I think it’s incredible. The message is powerful, and performed well, like most of Eminem’s biggest hits. I relate to the message in the song, and connect with it on an emotional level.


322. Skillet – “Savior

Pretty simple reason this song is so high on my list. It was the entrance theme used by my mentor in wrestling, Justyn Glory. This is how I discovered Skillet, and usually the first song that you hear sticks with you no matter what. Thank you, Glory, for turning heel and giving me a new musical love!


321. Weezer – “Buddy Holly

Weezer is a good band, and this is one of their more well known songs. The accompanying music video which puts them on the set of Happy Days is a lot of fun too. Does he really look like Buddy Holly? He does. There isn’t much more to say about this one.


320. Temple of the Dog – “Hunger Strike

Oh Chris Cornell, the music world misses you terribly. He was involved with so many great bands like Audioslave and Soundgarden, but this hit from Temple of the Dog always stood out for me. I’ve never been on a hunger strike – I like being fat too much – but if ever do one, I’ll play this on repeat to inspire me.


319. Unwritten Law – “Seein’ Red

I remember thinking this song was called Follow the Leader and being unable to find it for a long time. This is the only song by Unwritten Law that I know, but it’s a really good song. It takes me back to a simpler time, back when I didn’t have to follow any leaders or even be one. Throwback songs will always hold a special place in my heart.


318. Breaking Benjamin featuring Valora – “Blow Me Away

I was never a big Halo player, because when the games came out and got popular, I didn’t own an Xbox. But I was interested in the music that came with the franchise. The Halo 2 theme, which is one of the best, quickly made it onto my playlist, along with this gem from one of my all time favorite bands. I choose this version with Valora singing backup vocals over the original, because I think her voice enhances the song big time.


317. Gary Jules – “Mad World

I like Tears for Fears. They create some incredible music that a lot of bands make covers are, and many times, the covers are better than their version (sorry guys!). Gary Jules’ famous cover of Mad World was part of the chilling Donnie Darko movie, which is a cult favorite that has a ton of atmosphere when this song starts playing. It’s got a dark overtone, just like the movie had.


316. Staind – “So Far Away

I admit I used to be a bigger fan of Staind, and I’ve grown out of them in recent years. I’m still a big fan of this song though. When I bought the album 14 Shades of Grey, I fell in love with this song, and actually got mad when it got mainstream attention a scant few weeks later. While that seems like a silly thing to be mad about, it happened. I don’t think this song can rank any higher today, but it’ll always be a go-to with Staind.


315. Avenged Sevenfold – “So Far Away

Like most of the people I know who enjoy A7X, my first song of theirs was Bat Country, which I first heard on satellite radio. While that song doesn’t make my countdown, several of their tracks do, and this is definitely one of their better songs. M Shadows has an incredible voice, and while some characterize their vibe as emo (wrong) I view them as hard rock at some of its finest.


314. Taproot – “Poem

When this song first came out, I was convinced it was a different band. This was YEARS ago so I don’t remember which band I thought it was, but I do distinctly remember being surprised to hear the name Taproot. This is still one of only two songs by them I have, the other being Calling (also a good song) and while I enjoy listening to both, I don’t see myself adding any more Taproot to my playlist anytime soon.


313. Sponge – “Plowed

High energy and a unique sound make this song by Sponge stand out from the crowd. This is still played in rotation today, but I added it to my collection back in the early 2000’s when I was hearing it a lot more often (and when I first got a car so the radio was life) and it’s been a favorite ever since.


312. Nothing More – “This is the Time (Ballast)

Nothing More returns, with the first song of theirs I ever heard. This was popular on the airwaves a few years ago, and sounds like a power ballad. It has a great buildup, epic sounding chorus, and the way it exits leaves an impact too. A great beginning, middle, and end. Not many songs have this kind of structure in them!


311. Pop Evil – “Footsteps (Go Higher)

This was #1 on the rock charts in 2016 for a really long time, and I became seriously addicted to it. Pop Evil was never a band I was that into, but this single made me check out a lot more of their work, single-handed. I also remember having a really hard time finding it online too, which was frustrating, but it all worked out in the end.


310. Sixx:A.M. – “Life is Beautiful

Well, it is, isn’t it? I remember this song as another satellite radio grab. Sixx:A.M. has been around for a lot longer than I realized. This was the first song I ever heard by them, and as much as I enjoy their newer hit “Rise,” I think this is their best work. I also like the idea of no one crying at my funeral. I’d rather it be a celebration of life rather than a mourning of death, personally.


309. Hollywood Undead – “Young

XM Radio introduced me to the unique sound of Hollywood Undead with their signature song, called Undead. But it was this song that actually made me turn around and go, “damn these guys are actually pretty cool.” I really don’t care too much for them today, so it’s not like I’m going to go out and buy a ticket to see them perform. Still, Young is a good song so listen to it.


308. Thirty Seconds to Mars – “The Kill (Bury Me)

There’s always going to be that one song that makes you discover a new band, and completely sell you on them. This is the song that led me to Thirty Seconds to Mars. At the time, it was their biggest hit. It isn’t my favorite song of theirs (you’ll see that one later on the list) but it’s a great song on its own.


307. Whitesnake – “Here I Go Again

I do like this song, but it’s massively overplayed. Doesn’t Whitesnake have other songs? At work, they usually have the 70’s and 80’s station on, and it plays at least once a day in rotation. On my rock station, it plays there too…so I hear this song a minimum of twice a day. While I like it, I can’t really rank it too much higher for that reason.


306. ZZ Top – “Sharp Dressed Man

What can I say? Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man, and even more so when that man is the commissioner of a wrestling promotion! I know it’s cheesy, but that’s the whole point! It’s supposed to be cheesy! ZZ Top rocks, even if Bart Simpsons once mistook a group of rabbis in New York City for them.


305. Hoobastank – “Out of Control

I always dug Hoobastank, although they weren’t my favorite band by any means, I still owned two of their albums. I could argue a case for a few other songs of theirs, like Crawling in the Dark and Same Direction, but my personal favorite is this one. It’s the heaviest and has the most energy, so I gave it the duke in this battle.


304. Jimmy Eat World – “A Praise Chorus

Jimmy Eat World is the perfect example of what I consider to be lighthearted alternative rock. They have an easy sound to listen to, without being too heavy for days when you aren’t in the mood, but not so light that they come off as whiny or emo. This is the song that brought me to them, and it’s still a favorite of mine today.


303. Green Day – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Like most people my age, Green Day came on my radar when Dookie came out. But some of their newer stuff from the American Idiot album was great too. This is one of those songs that hooked me from the beginning, and I still enjoy singing along to it when it’s played on the radio today. We’ve all walked down this street before.


302. blink-182 – “I Miss You

I still think a fair number of people associate blink-182 as the “All The Small Things Band” when they have so many other quality songs to choose from. Not that All the Small Things is bad, but I Miss You is one such example of a much better song by blink-182. It may not have the high energy, but it’s still a great piece of music.


301. Daughtry featuring Slash – “What I Want

I had no idea that one of my favorite vocalists and one of my favorite shredders had collaborated on something until my friend Johnny Toxic made this his pro wrestling entrance song on the indies. I made it a part of my playlist immediately, and I still rock out to it, even though John focuses more on promoting these days instead of actually wrestling.


300. Iron Maiden – “Run to the Hills

I love Iron Maiden. I was a casual fan for a long time, but in college I worked with a pretty hardcore fan and he helped me rejuvenate my interest in the band. Their awesome documentary Flight 666 helped too. This isn’t my favorite Maiden track, but it’s up there. Run to the hills! Run for your life! I love their energy.


299. AC/DC – “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I don’t remember how my love for AC/DC started, but I’ve become a huge fan of theirs in recent years, so much that they’re one of my favorite bands of all time now. I have a ton of their music, and several tracks will make this countdown. This song is simple, direct, and has a pretty fun albeit aggressive message. This song reminds me of Dean Ambrose.


298. The Beatles – “Hey Jude

Simply put, this is my favorite song ever by the popular British band. I don’t know why, but when I think of the Beatles, I always think of this song first and foremost. Maybe it’s because it was the longest number one hit of theirs stateside? I just love how the melody flows from slow and easy to a tad faster and more dramatic. I will love this song forever and always.


297. Green Day – “Longview

Time for an example of a song that got me into the band, but isn’t my favorite song by them. I fell into Dookie through this song directly, when it was all the rage on MTV. Despite the censoring in the video itself, I ended up becoming a lifelong Green Day fan by listening to Longview.


296. Guns N’ Roses – “Civil War

What we have here, is failure to communicate. The quote leads into one of the most iconic GNR songs, as no one needs a civil war. I’m a pretty big fan of GNR, although I’ve always been a questionable fan of Axl Rose. You will hear more GNR on this countdown as we approach the top of the list.


295. Chevelle – “Jars

This probably isn’t the best Chevelle song out there, but it’s my personal favorite. The Red is the song that made me a Chevelle fan but Jars is the song that has stuck with me the longest. Sometimes I feel like I’ve had enough of the world myself.


294. In This Moment – “Call Me

There’s nothing I love more than a REALLY well done cover of a song. In This Moment takes an already badass Blondie hit and amplifies it with their own spin. The song becomes heavier, feels faster, and ten times more amazing than the Blondie version, which is saying something.


293. Avenged Sevenfold – “Nightmare

Ever have a bad dream? Was it a nightmare? Avenged Sevenfold is here to rock your nightmares away! Every new album they’ve come out with has had a hardcore signature track, and this was the case with their album by the same name. The song is about fighting your demons, a situation we’ve all had to face at one point in time.


292. Fall Out Boy – “Uma Thurman

How can you not love a band named after a Simpsons character? Sarah wins a contest to “assist” Fall Out Boy, which looks more like a bunch of frat initiation requests, but she seems to have a good time doing it. The real catchy part of the song is the rift from the Munsters opening credits theme that gets the song stuck in your head, and onto a countdown like this one.


291. Killswitch Engage – “Holy Diver

Holy crap! Killswitch Engage covering a hit by Ronnie James Dio?! And a badass medieval setting for the music video?! YES!!!! I never thought anyone could cover Dio and somehow make his music even better, but Killswitch pulls it off in this amazing tribute to a legendary rocker.


290. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “S.O.B.

What do you get with you take a folksy and country sounding tune, mix in some ska-ish instrumentals and a Capella, put it in a prison setting, and let the funk loose? You get this incredibly catchy tow-tapping number from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats! Now, somebody get me a goddamn drink!


289. Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain

One of the best songs ever created by GNR, November Rain is a long ballad that showcases Axl Rose’s abilities to sing with a powerful instrumental backup. Unfortunately, the radio only knows how to play the abridged version of this song, which makes me wonder why they even bother. Give me all of it, or give me none of it.


288. AC/DC – “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll)

AC/DC is back with another classic track, mixing in some bagpipes with their signature guitar rock. It truly can be a long way to the top, if all you want to do is rock and roll, but that didn’t stop AC/DC from rising to the top of the music charts, and becoming one of the greatest rock & roll bands in recorded history! Keep rocking and rolling!


287. 311 – “Sunset in July

Leave it to me to disappoint some of my good friends by admittedly not liking 311 as much as they do. 311 is a staple among some of my closest companions, but they aren’t a go-to for me on my playlist. Still, I like some of their music, and I especially like this track, even though the music video makes me feel like I’m tripping balls. It’s all about having a good time with time flying by, so stop and have some fun, will you?


286. Hinder – “Lips of an Angel

This song used to be a lot higher on my list, but it fell off for two reasons. One is that my ex-girlfriend loved this song, and I somewhat associate that with her now. But since I’m now happily married, it’s all good. The other reason I’ve fallen out of favor with this song is that people keep using it for happy occasions when the subject matter is clearly not appropriate for those events, like weddings. That’s enough to turn me off to a track…but not fully, because it’s still on this list, as you can plainly see.


285. Mötley Crüe – “Kickstart My Heart

Want some 1980’s hair metal that will royally kick you in the face and make you headbang and rock out? Try this song by the Motliest of Crues! While I’m a fan of other songs of theirs, this one makes me rock out the hardest. It’s high energy and it will kickstart your heart as you pump your blood up having a good time…or something.


284. Theory of a Deadman – “Hate My Life

Theory of a Deadman is known for having songs with decently fun lyrics, even if the context of said songs isn’t very fun. They also combines those lyrics with some really catchy notes. This is a prime example. He hates his life, but also has a couple of trivial things to complain about, which makes the song fun, but adds that “umm what” quality that I love so much.


283. Jonathan Young – “Make A Man Out of You

Every artist has that song that you discover to make you a fan of theirs. Usually those songs stick with you for a long time. Jonathan Young’s covers are incredible, and it was this version of the hit Donnie Osmond number from the movie Mulan that first got me to his channel. And now I can’t stop listening to his channel. A few of his songs will be closer to the end of the countdown, for sure.


282. Rob Zombie – “Bring Her Down (To Crippletown)

One of my favorite albums of all time is Rob Zombie’s The Sinister Urge, which I bought when it was new, and still have the CD to this day. While his signature tracks off of it are amazing, this lesser known track is one of my favorite songs of his, ever. Check it out and see if you agree with me.


281. Stone Temple Pilots – “Interstate Love Song

You know who is a great band? Stone Temple Pilots. Known as STP for short (not the oil company) this song with its fun silent movie intro can become the anthem of your own personal love song down the interstate. Play this while cruising at 60-70 MPH next time you’re on a road trip!


280. Five Finger Death Punch – “Bad Company

Five Finger Death Punch is often criticized for their overuse of cover songs. As I write this, their cover of The Offspring’s “Gone Away” is the popular hit on the airwaves, but this cover of Bad Comapny’s hit song…umm, also called Bad Company…is also one of their big hits. Personally I like this band’s sound and take on these covers, so I welcome them. This won’t be their last cover’s appearance on this list.


279. Linkin Park – “From The Inside

One of my all time favorite bands in Linkin Park, and while most of their big hit singles are the common tracks I replay on my playlist, this hit from Meteora is as frequently played as anything else of theirs. I didn’t actually know this song had ever gotten a music video until I did this list, so enjoy!


278. blink-182 – “Bored to Death

This new hit single from blink-182 is one of my favorite songs at the moment, but for an all time list like this, there’s only so high I can justifiably put it. Still, it is definitely worth a listen. The message is clear – life is too short to last long, which means you have to get out there and enjoy it and cherish every moment. Don’t let boredom overtake you!


277. Pink Floyd – “Comfortably Numb

There isn’t much I can say about this song. The melody is soothing yet the lyrics are heavy. And no, it isn’t about drug use. Or so they say. The music video seems to indicate otherwise. Pink Floyd is amazingly classic, so just listen and enjoy.


276. Meat Loaf – “Paradise By The Dashboard Light

This may be the longest song on the entire countdown. I’m not 100% sure but it’s a pretty safe bet. This song rocks! Everyone who has heard it likes it, admit it. No matter what your feelings are on Meat Loaf and his genre of music, you can’t deny this song’s greatness.


275. Saliva – “Ladies & Gentlemen

This is a pretty good song, but it cannot go any higher on this list for the sole reason that when it came out in 2007, it was ridiculously overused by everyone for everything. Commercials, sporting events, movie trailers – this song was EVERYWHERE. I look back on it fondly now, but at the time, damn was it everywhere and you couldn’t get away from it!


274. Saliva – “Always

It won’t be often on this list you’ll see an artist back to back, if it even happens a second time, but this is where these two Saliva songs land on my countdown. Always is the first song of theirs I heard, and thus it is the song that made me a fan of theirs. It was slightly overused in 2002, but not to the degree that Ladies & Gentlemen was. Thankfully!


273. Marilyn Manson – “Sweet Dreams

If you want to hear some cover songs that take you in a completely different version than the original, look no further than the amazing and dark voice of Marilyn Manson. His take on the classic hit by Eurythmics is something straight out of a horror movie. The original is synthesized and up tempo while his is slower, meaner, and just plain incredible.


272. R. Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly

Anyone my age who claims they’ve never seen or didn’t like Space Jam is flat out lying. Forget what R. Kelly’s woes these days are, everyone loved this song when it came out, and I bet you still love it today. If you didn’t at least love it once upon time, you are lying. Stop your lying, spread your wings, and fly! I still listen to this when I need an inspirational pick-me-up.


271. David Cook – “Light On

I was never a fan of American Idol, but I don’t deny its insane popularity. Like Chris Daughtry, this is a singer who became bigger than the show would’ve allowed him to be, and he deserves it. David Cook has an amazing voice, and although I don’t own any of his other stuff, I still play in on the regular.


270. Stone Temple Pilots – “Plush

I’m going to admit some failure here. Despite me knowing the majority of songs that made me a fan of the band, I don’t know 100% that Plush is THE song that made me listen to the Stone Temple Pilots. I feel bad about that, but my memory is just plain faded in that area. Sorry, STP! This is one of the earliest songs of theirs I remember hearing, so there’s a good chance this is the one.


269. Rob Zombie – “Never Gonna Stop

Use my body to keep you alive! Let’s all rock out to some Rob Zombie, and watch an awesome Clockwork Orange inspired music video to boot. This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and my love for the song only grew when a certain long-haired wrestler used it for his entrance theme for a period. Rock on, Edge! You may hear another Edge theme later this year.


268. Rammstein – “Engel

GERMAN METAL!!! Rammstein’s introduction to me came in the form of this amazing song, back when I was in the boy scouts. Several of my fellow scouts were taking German classes in high school, and would end up listening to German metal since they could understand it now. I may not speak a lot of German, but I don’t have to, to enjoy this band and their amazing sound.


267. Snow Patrol – “Chasing Cars

This was a song I discovered purely by happenstance. Want to know how? It was being used as the profile song for one of my friend’s MYSPACE PAGES. Yes, I just severely dated myself, I know, but hey, that’s how it happened! It blew up in popularity around the same time, and quickly made its way onto my playlist for good.


266. Green Day – “Welcome to Paradise

Dookie is one of those albums that shaped my musical tastes. Green Day is such a great band, that I couldn’t ignore one of their best tracks from that album, Welcome to Paradise. While all of Dookie is worth a listen (or three) this one can be played over and over again to take you to your own personal paradise.


265. Don Henley – “Boys of Summer

I remember hearing the Ataris cover of this song a lot when I was in college. I eventually learned the song was a cover of a popular hit from before my time as a big music fan, and low and behold, I actually preferred the original to the (at the time) popular cover. This song would go higher, but it’s overplayed a lot on the 70’s and 80’s station my coworkers love so much, so I somewhat associate it with work now.


264. Aerosmith – “Jaded

I remember when this song first came out, what a big deal it was. Aerosmith could still rock in the 1990’s, the 2000’s, and even today. Steven Tyler may have a few extra miles on the odometer, but he can still go as good as any rockstar can. I love Aerosmith, and you’ll see quite a bit more of them as the countdown rages on.


263. Billy Joel – “Piano Man

Are you a fan of Billy Joel? Of course you are, everybody is. So that means you’re a fan of the Piano Man song, one of the all time classics. What’s that? You’re not? LIAR. Everyone loves this song! Billy Joel plays at a bar on a Saturday evening for all the patrons, all about what he sees at the bar as he plays, and the people he knows who frequent the establishment. It’s an amazing song. Strap on in and go for a ride down memory lane!


262. R.E.M. – “The One I Love

Want to dedicate a song to the one that you love? Don’t play this, because the lyric “a simple prop to occupy my time” indicates that maybe he doesn’t love her the way he should. Still, it’s a good song, with that classic sound that only R.E.M. can deliver.


261. AC/DC – “Thunderstruck

Holy guitar rift! AC/DC is so great to listen to. Thunderstruck is one of those songs that gets you completely amped up. Or at least that’s what it does for me. I want to get up, rock, headbang, all that jazz. It fires me up. I use this is an energy song, like if I’m going to work out. Tell me you don’t feel the same way when you play it.


260. Daniel Powter – “Bad Day

There are two things I can tell you about this song. One, this is unquestionably the BEST song to listen to if you’ve had a bad day, because it literally picks you up no matter how down you’re feeling. I play this every time I have a bad day, and it works every time. Two, I literally can not tell you one other song that Daniel Powter has performed.


259. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – “Good Time

I bet you weren’t expecting to see a song like this make my countdown, were you? I actually like Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice, and I enjoy the sound of Owl City, so seeing them team up was a real treat. This song is all about having a good time, and is great to play when you’re in a fun mood. Surprised? More of those may come!


258. Skillet – “The Resistance

Another perfect example of a song that it simply too new to rise any higher on this list for now. I love Skillet’s sound, they are proof that a Christian rock band can be INCREDIBLE. In these uncertain times, we need to resist, and we need an anthem to play as we fight back. With that in mind, listen to this song. You won’t be disappointed.


257. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Dark Necessities

When this song came out, some people were quick to dismiss it. I didn’t understand why then, and I don’t get it now. I think this song is really good. It’s not as good as some classic Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, but it has a unique feel to it that some of their other songs don’t have. I think it’s great, and I don’t really care what others think in that regard.


256. Papa Roach – “Lifeline

I know it’s almost shocking to hear, but get this. Papa Roach has other hits besides Last Resort! Can you believe that? I know it’s hard to grasp based on how radio stations treat Papa Roach, but it’s true. Lifeline is one of those really good songs that doesn’t get played as often as it should anymore.


255. Three Days Grace – “Home

Let me make this clear: I LOVE Three Days Grace, but holy hell, their songs can be downright depressing. Don’t listen to them if you’re trying to get out of a funk. Listen to them strictly if you want rock out. Home is definitely one of these songs. But they get worse. You’ll see before long.


254. Korn – “Hold On

Have you ever wanted to see a music video about having the biggest balls to ride a bull? Korn will not disappoint you here. I like the darker sound of this band, for the same reasons I enjoy Slipknot, although I think I like Korn just a smidgen better. Member when they guest starred on a Halloween episode of South Park? I member!


253. Charlie Daniels Band – “The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Everyone knows this song. I remember when I went to Philmont, New Mexico for high adventure camping back in the boy scouts and this song was played as a folk version by a bunch of the counselors and locals. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since, although that final boss in Guitar Hero was a real pain to beat.


252. Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight

Ah, Frankie Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes is a love of mine, especially coming from an Italian background. It’s probably weird to hear a crooner song among all of the rock and metal I tend to favor, but Frank Sinatra will be a favorite of mine until the end of time. You will hear more Frankie on this countdown!


251. Three Days Grace – “World So Cold

Another amazing, but slightly depressing, song from Three Days Grace. As I’ve said before, these guys aren’t meant to be uplifting. Their music is great though, high energy for surprisingly dark subject matter. The comments on the video definitely show that this song has (or had) a high impact on those suffering from depression.


250. Halestorm – “Familiar Taste of Poison

I’m going to say this now: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this band. They are currently my #3 all time favorite band, which I’ve discussed in a previous blog. Lzzy Hale is my favorite female vocalist behind only Tarja Turunen of Nightwish. This is one of their slower songs, that shows off Lzzy’s vocal range and how the band can cover more than just hard rock. It’s haunting, beautiful, and just plain awesome.


249. Evanescence – “Imaginary

As I mentioned above, I love Lzzy Hale. But before Halestorm entered my life, I was obsessed with the vocal talents of Amy Lee. When it comes to Evanescence, Fallen is the only album of theirs I truly love top to bottom, and this song is one of their stronger performances. Amy Lee does kids songs now!


248. Pantera – “Walk

What do you get when you take one of the greatest metal bands of all time, have their song be used by one of my favorite wrestlers of all time (Rob Van Dam) and have one of my favorite bands (Avenged Sevenfold) do a badass cover of the song? You end up on my countdown. RE. SPECT. WALK.


247: Seether – “Tonight

Seether is one of those bands that I was a fan of from the moment I first heard them, and I will enjoy singing along when their songs come on my playlist, but I’m not going out of my way to buy their new albums or even see them perform. Weird, right? The songs they release that are very good, like this one, deserve a nod and a listen.


246. Jimmy Cliff – “I Can See Clearly Now

What do you get when you take a classic song and cover it with an upbeat reggae tune? You get Jimmy Cliff’s cover of I Can See Clearly Now. This is my favorite version of this song, and you can thank the underrated Dreamworks film Antz for putting this on my playlist.


245. Iron Maiden – “The Wicker Man

Off of their Brave New World album comes this song that shares a title with a classic horror movie, remade with Nicholas Cage that’s only worth it for the scene with the bees. This has nothing to do with that. Embrace the return of Bruce Dickinson and his incredible vocal performance, as only Iron Maiden can deliver.


244. AC/DC – “Moneytalks

I will never tire of putting on some AC/DC. You will see a lot of them on this list, and I am proud to feature them as often as I can. One thing I have to say about this song is that it’s much more upbeat and high-strung than some of their other big hits, and it’s about money. Is there a hidden meaning there I’m missing?


243. Breaking Benjamin – “Angels Fall

When the amazing sound of Breaking Benjamin starts to play, I go silent and just listen. Angels Fall is a newer hit of theirs, but left that much more of an impact on me putting it higher on this list. They have a melody that I can’t put into words, why all of their songs work for me. It isn’t the message every time, but the actual music that hooks me. This song combines all that into one fantastic hit.


242. Three Days Grace – “The Good Life

Unlike Breaking Benjamin listed above, Three Days Grace takes upbeat sounding songs and puts some hell of a dark messages behind them. Or maybe they’re more similar than I realize? Either way, he just wants a piece of that good life. Don’t we all?


241. The Police – “Message in a Bottle

Everyone get ready, Sting is going to send an S.O.S. to the world, and hopes that someone will catch his message in a bottle. The Police were never a select play for me, but I do enjoy this song. I’ve actually seen the chords for this song as easy to play on the guitar, so maybe one day I’ll be playing that message in a bottle myself.


240. Zebrahead – “Falling Apart

I don’t recall the year, or even the video game, but WWE used this as entrance music for a created wrestler in one of their early games, and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s high paced, has a great intro, a catchy beat, and a lot of energy. A perfect song for a grappler to enter the squared circle to.


239. Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris

I’m not sure if this is the most well known song by the Goo Goo Dolls, but it is easily one of their best ever. Iris is played a lot on alternative and classic stations now, so I don’t hear it unless I’m playing my own Spotify playlist, but I wish this would get some more airplay. I do dig the sound of the Goo Goo Dolls, even if their band name is a little wonky.


238. 3 Doors Down – “Citizen Soldier

3 Doors Down has never been shy about writing songs as a tribute to our brave fighting men and women overseas. This is another one of their awesome songs celebrating our soldiers, and specifically the National Guard, which partakes in the video shown. 3 Doors Down isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of patriotism, but maybe you should.


237. Three Days Grace – “Chalk Outline

This video is (mostly) one continuous shot of Adam Gontier walking through a city while his fellow bandmates appear in the background. The video is fun, but the song is a bit heavier. It’s about being left behind by someone who hurt you deeply, but they keep coming back to dish out more pain. Damn, Adam, who the hell hurt you and why?




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