2018’s Must See Movies

We’re two weeks deep into 2018 as I write this, but there are a lot of major motion pictures coming out this year that I want to see. Like the last few years, the year will probably come and go without me seeing even half of what I want, but I’m still going to try and see as much as I can. Maybe I need to invest in that Movie Pass already, so I can just go see everything.

If you have Movie Pass and can recommend it, please let me know in the comments section, thanks!


BLACK PANTHER (February 16)


The latest film in the MCU will be Black Panther, which is also our final stop en route to Infinity War. I’m not overly familiar with the source material here, as I only know Black Panther from Civil War, but T-Challa’s story is interesting, and the ticket pre-sale has been off the charts. I always make room to see the Marvel films, and this will be no exception.


GAME NIGHT (February 23)


A group of friends get together to play a murder mystery game for game night, and wind up facing a real murder mystery in this black comedy. This is similar to a movie idea I had years ago, so I’m intrigued to see how this does on screen. Would my idea have been successful, or a failure? Probably not even comparable in the long run.




The Jaegers are back! This is a sequel that we weren’t supposed to get, but it’s actually coming true. Benecio Del Toro won’t be involved in this one, but I’ll still see it because I enjoyed the first one. It was a fun monster romp, and I have a soft spot for giant monster movies. Plus, Charlie Day is returning, and he’s gold in everything.




One of my most anticipated movies of 2018 is also one that I’m extremely skeptical about. The Ernest Cline novel quickly became one of my favorite books of all time, a serious throwback to the decade I was born in and thus feel a strong connection to. There are so many pop culture references, that I know it would be impossible to get all of them, but the trailer does keep my hopeful, as they have the DeLorean, the Iron Giant, Freddy Kruger, and other icons represented. I don’t know how they’ll cram that book into a movie (it moves at a brisk pace so there will be significant cuts) but I’m looking forward to seeing it. Plus they got Rush for the musical parts of the story, which is significant, so they clearly were working hard on getting it right. The stacks are in Oklahoma City though, not Columbus…but hey, creative changes HAVE to be made somewhere.


RAMPAGE (April 20)


Hmm. It’s a video game adaption film, so that could be trouble…but it has The Rock and it’s a monster movie romp. Could the genre be making a comeback? That would be exciting! I’m a fan of the video game series, so I’ll definitely be seeing this one.




Stop right meow and lookie here! The brilliant Broken Lizard cop comedy has FINALLY gotten its long awaited sequel! I have no idea if it will like up to the first one, or be a dud, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the gang back in action!




11 years after the MCU was born, we finally get the biggest superhero mash-up of all time. The third movie in the Avengers universe will bring together every superhero we’ve met so far on Earth and across the galaxy and unite them as one to stop Thanos from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet and bringing an end to the universe. This is going to be THE biggest superhero movie of all time, and I seriously cannot WAIT.


DEADPOOL 2 (May 18)


Ryan Reynolds returns as the merc with a mouth in the sequel to the R-rated superhero film that was just oh so much fun. I really love the fact that the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney will get Deadpool back into the MCU, and with the atudio being separated from the Disney side, he can remain the lovable 4th wall breaking swear spewing gun toting comedian that he is. I hope.




Of course I’m excited for a new Star Wars anthology movie! Rogue One and the Last Jedi were pretty polarizing films, with the majority of people I know either loving them big time or loathing them with some hardcore hatred. I fall onto the former side of that – I loved both movies and really don’t get the hate for them either. It will be nice to get an official take on the young life of Han Solo finally, and anything that Emilia Clarke does is something I need to see anyway, so that’s just a bonus. I’m also a big fan of Star Wars moving back to the May release dates like the original films. Don’t get me wrong, they were an amazing Christmas present for the last three years, but I have to say that this just feels right.




Finally Pixar is giving us a sequel to one of my two favorite movies of theirs, the other being WALL-E! The Parr family returns, with Jack Jack as the centerpiece and the original voice actors (minus Dash) reprising their respective roles. I’m so happy to see a new Incredibles movie that I don’t even care what the plot will be. And Edna Mode is back!!!




I enjoyed Jurassic World, although I didn’t think it was as classic as the original movie was, I found it much more enjoyable than either of the sequels…especially the awful Jurassic Park III. It’ll be fun to see the dinosaurs in action again, but please, none of these stupid human hybrid crap plot lines. I know we’re getting yet another genetic hybrid in this one, but PLEASE don’t do the old thrown out angles from the original sequels! Ian Malcolm is back though, probably the best character in the franchise, so that is a warm welcome.




I thought Ant-Man was alright. I will see this, although I’m not a huge fan of the character as a whole, but it’s MCU so I’m seeing it one way or another.




The bio-pic about the Bevis wrestling family of which Paige became the most famous is one I’ve been anxious to check out ever since it was announced. The Rock is teaming up with brilliant British writer and producer Stephen Merchant, and Vince Vaughn of all people is playing Jake “The Snake” Roberts! I can’t wait to see this!


VENOM (October 5)


I still don’t believe a Venom movie is actually happening, but supposedly we’ll be seeing this in October. I hope this makes up for the rushed character in Spider-Man 3, but I’m not holding my breath on this being a success. I hope I’m gleefully wrong though.


HALLOWEEN (October 19)


Quite possibly the greatest horror movie of all time is John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween, which was one of the most brilliant pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen. The fact that we’re getting another movie, an actual sequel instead of a cash-grab, fills me with glee. Supposedly they’re catering away from the Hollywood pressure of gore to return to traditional scares – what you don’t see is scarier than what you do. To me, that’s the staple of true horror and excellent storytelling, and I’m really excited to see this!


X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX (November 2)


I can’t say that I was overly thrilled with Apocalypse, but I still had fun watching it. I like the new take on the X-Men, and with them returning to Marvel Studios soon, we should be getting some great new films. I except that to be on the level of Apocalypse for now, but I have high hopes for what’s to come after.


THE GRINCH (November 9)


I love the animated Christmas special but I HATED the live action movie. Other than the Universal Studios show and the soundtrack, nothing good came from that piece of garbage. However, lukewarm or not on seeing more Grinch on screen, I want to see what happens when my favorite people-hating grump returns.




We return once again to the magic of the Wizarding World! The first Fantastic Beasts movie was a lot of fun, creating a whole new chapter to J.K. Rowling’s fantasy realm. It will be great to see Newt and the crew back again, with the wizarding war between Dumbledore and Grindelwald taking center stage. I’m always up for a little more magic in my life, and the bonus here is that it comes out the day before my birthday!


CREED 2 (November 21)


Sylvester Stallone may have dropped out from directing, but you can bet that another Creed movie will be as good as the first one. Michael B. Jordan’s performance was excellent, and I can’t wait to see him duke it out with the son of the man who killed his father.




One of my favorite Disney adventures, which I’ve dubbed the video game version of Roger Rabbit, will finally be getting a sequel in 2018 as the next film in the Disney Animated Classics. Ralph goes online to find a replacement part for Sugar Rush, and will meet a slew of characters along the way, including Mario, TRON, every Disney Princess, and characters from Star Wars and Marvel! Ralph truly is the key to Disney getting ALL the licensing under one roof, and having a bunch of fun outside characters to boot! This may be my most anticipated film of the year, over Star Wars, the Avengers, and the Incredibles. I’m not even kidding.


AQUAMAN (December 21)


Jason Momoa somehow took a weak character from DC (sorry fans, but I’m not a fan) and made him into such a badass that now I AM a fan. I look forward to seeing Aquaman’s standalone movie, especially considering how good Wonder Woman and Justice League were.




A sequel to one of the best Disney musicals of all time is coming on Christmas Day! Mary Poppins returns, with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke playing new roles in this one. While I doubt it will be as classic as the original masterpiece, there’s little doubt this will be a fun time at the movies!




Rami Malek’s career really blew up after the success of Mr. Robot. Now he’ll be put tot he ultimate test as he plays Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. As a big fan of Queen, I’m really looking forward to seeing Freddy Mercury come alive one more time.


That about wraps up the list of must-see films. There are plenty of other movies on the list that have my interest, but these are the ones I’m anticipating the most. Wanna add some of your own? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll see you at the movies!


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