The Club Kayfabe Journal is Now Live!

This will probably be my most important announcement yet as far as blogging goes, but I’m very excited to share this with you! I recently launched a brand new blog as part of my Club Kayfabe Creative Community, called the Club Kayfabe Journal. This will be an infotainment style writing collection, with several different people contributing. With our community growing, it made sense to branch out into a more public type of blogging forum, and I’m very excited to see where these is going to lead!

Now, I will be writing for the CK Journal at least once a month (as that is a requirement I’ve set for all contributors, myself included), but I will continue to write here as well. I’m simply going to alternate between blogs, and publish different content in different locations. My ranking blogs, such as television episodes by season, and all future projects, like my Disney project and Top 100 Wrestlers project, will actually be moving to the CK Journal, as ranking blogs are going to be one of my primary writing focuses. I will also write all of my future wrestling articles there, as I was doing for Veracity before it went into a hiatus. I am going to try to provide weekly content, alternating between wrestling insight and ranking fun, but I can’t make any promises. I only just made the page public today after all!

On this page, I will keep my collection projects going, as well as other fun topics I think of, like movie projects (13 Days of Halloween), fanfiction, and my more sillier ideas, so I encourage all of my subscribers to stay tuned here, but also give a big ol’ like and follow to my new page, especially if you liked my ranking projects and want to see more in the future!

That basically sums it all up, except for one small detail. If you’d like to contribute and become a team member for the CK Journal, why, all you gotta do is ask! We currently have three writers signed up (Dan Peck, who brought you an article on here, is one of them), with two more having shown interest (one of them is Mark Adams, who gave you 31 Days of Halloween in 2015), but we can always use more! Just let me know if you wanna join, and remember to like and follow!

That’s all for now. I’ll see you at the CK Journal…but I’ll keep seeing you right here, too!


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