New Podcast Announcement and Contest

Greetings my awesome readers! It has been awhile since I’ve written anything, and the reason is because I’ve been growing my Club Kayfabe Creative Community with more content. Whether it’s our official blog, the CK Journal, getting new readers (please subscribe), or our new YouTube channel adding new content, I’ve been keeping myself busy (other than my full time job and personal life of course). As part of the CKCC, I plan to launch a brand new podcast I will be hosting, where i basically talk about and review anything under the sun.

What will I discuss? Anything I want. Movies, books, TV shows, video games, albums, sporting events including wrestling shows and UFC PPVs, basically whatever I feel like discussing. Now here’s the kick, I won’t be doing this alone. Every topic I cover will be picked by my listeners and followers, and then discussed by a panel of people who want to discuss the topic. It will be highly interactive in that regard. I will also force the length of the show to remain under one hour. That will be part of the appeal. I enjoy podcasting, but I hate when shows go in excess of two hours. I can’t just sit and listen to a two-four hour show. So that will be part of the appeal too.

Like I said, I’ll cover anything that I fancy, with a few exceptions. There will be NO politics, religion, world issues, or hate speech on the show. Same rule I have with the community as a whole. I’m not looking to start a war or change people’s fundamental beliefs. But anything else people want to request is up for grabs.

I want some of the topics to be interesting and less straight up review. For example, instead of reviewing the Star Wars prequels, the topic will be set up as a defense of them and why they’re good (a fact I believe in). I’ll discuss other movies as a series, and TV shows either by season or by factors for episodes. I’ll review new stuff and old stuff, as long as I have access to watch/read/play/listen to it, and can find at least one other person to join me.

Now let’s discuss the title contest. I am terrible at coming up with titles for anything. When I do my wrestling podcast, Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk, I always choose a title based on something funny we said during the episode. Coming up with something on the fly just isn’t me. So this is where you come in! Help me come up with a title for my new show, and the winning title (or the title that inspires me to think of something) that is given to me, that person gets the honor of coming up with my first subject and possibly being my guest on that show.

I want the title to be something that can potentially reference the one hour time limit, broad topics, or just a plain good I’ll’ reference to something I’m passionate about (wrestling, the Simpsons, Rick & Morty, etc). So leave them in the comments, either in here or on special media!

I’m looking forward to this new show, and hope to have the first episode recorded and published on the CKCC YouTube channel by months end. Good luck and thank you all for your continued support!

By the way, the community is always looking for new bloggers, content creators, podcasters, and artists…so let me know if you want to join the family!

See you really soon!

-Chris O’Mealy, CKCC founder.