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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Prologue & Author Intro

This is going to be one of my first real attempts at writing. I want it to be good, but I’m also hoping some of it won’t be, because I want constructive criticism too. I don’t mean spelling and grammar mistakes, I mean about my pacing, wording, etc. Spelling and grammar will be taken much more seriously on a larger scale, this is just for fun.

This story is based on my all time favorite video game not called Tetris, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This is a game I have played and re-played countless times, and will never grow bored of it. I will also write out the Game Boy sequel into a story, Link’s Awakening. For inspiration, I used the overall game plot, as well as the manga created for Nintendo Power and the player’s guide itself, which has a ton of backstory that came in handy. I will also sneak in other Zelda characters and elements along the way, see how many you can spot.

So please, if you feel like something isn’t a perfect adaptation from the game, that’s likely because it isn’t. I did add creative liberties into the story where applicable.

It goes without saying, but I take zero credit for the source material. That all belongs to Nintendo. I thank them immensely for the wonderful memories of this game and the legacy that the Legend of Zelda has left behind. Mario may be Nintendo’s mascot, but I believe the Zelda series is their greatest creation.

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