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Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Chris O’Mealy, and this is where I go to write about the things I enjoy. I am a former pro wrestling ring announcer and promoter, Disney & Universal theme park worker, and a current lover of all forms of entertainment and cats. I currently host three podcasts (Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk, Talkin’ Talkies, and The Jersey Rain Hour) and recently launched a creative community to promote my shows and blogs, along with and anyone else with a creative mind and a creative project. The website can be found at this link: The website is still a work in progress.



I am married, I work a full time job and have a side writing gig with Veracity as their wrestling correspondent. As a result, my free time to write here is quite limited. But I still try my hardest to sit down and put my thoughts to paper (metaphorically of course) and this is the result of my pure love for writing.

I started this blog simply because I enjoy writing, but in the past few years have actually gotten a bit of a following. I thank each and every one of you for your support, and I always look forward to seeing people enjoy my wacky words!

If you’d like to get to know me better, you can message or friend me on Facebook, follow my on Twitter or Instagram, or check out the podcasts above. If you do friend me on Facebook, shoot me a message first to tell me who you are, as I generally ignore friend requests from strangers. Twitter and IG you don’t need permission to follow, but if you want a follow back, just ask.

To see projects I’m currently working on, and to check out my ideas for future projects, simply scroll down. Thank you again for your support, and feel free to leave a comment on this page too! I am quite busy but I always try to read and respond to every comment I get. If you’ve said something in the past and I didn’t answer, I apologize. Feel free to send it again in the comments here, and I’ll try to answer!



Disney Ranking Blog – I’ve finished all 56 movies by Disney Animation Studios, and have begun the writing process. Because this project is so big, I’m taking my time to make sure it turns out the way I want. I’m also making some of the images for that project, so it will take some more time to churn out. I promise it will be worth it in the end!

50 Favorite Movies Blog – I originally planned to have this done in 2016, but job changes and my new online ventures but this on the back-burner. Plus, I didn’t want this to come out before my Disney project was done, because some of the movies on there rank as all time favorites, and may have killed the surprises on that project. Likewise, a few newer movies have come out since I started planning this project that may change the list. As a result, this one is currently on HOLD. However, given some time, I will get this one out to you. I know a few followers really want to see this, so I’ll make sure to make it a priority sooner rather than later.

100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time Blog – This is a massive collaboration I’m doing with a bunch of wrestling fans on Facebook, that was on hold while my life was making some big changes. I plan to start tackling this one again soon. I am retroactively eliminating some older blogs to re-do a few of them, so I wanted to save this for official blog #100. That likely won’t time itself properly anymore, so I’ll just get it done soon and get it out to you guys.

The Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction Series – This one is a little easier to explain, as I can only do this one when my creative writing juices are flowing. I have started chapter one, and do go back to it actively, so expect to see these pop back up soon!

The WWE Current Roster Power Ranking – This is a new project I will be starting soon with members of my Club Kayfabe community. WWE used to do a power 25 type list on their website, and while it was a fun little thing to see, it was usually very corporate biased. Nothing against John Cena, but he was often outranking the champion on the show in the main event. Ours will be for fans, by fans, and updated weekly. I will also credit everyone who participates and will happily take new participants on as the project grows. I’d like to get that off the ground after SummerSlam.



I never want to get too far ahead of myself, but people have asked what else I will or won’t be doing, so I’ll point a few ideas out here.

A Ranking of the Pixar Movies. The Disney project was pretty big, so Pixar will be a bit easier to tackle. I have seen all but one of these movies as of this writing, so this will be a much faster project to churn out. This is another one where I think many will be surprised by how the list turns out. It will also be fun for me, because even the worst Pixar movie I’ve seen, I still enjoyed.

A Ranking of Dreamworks Animated Movies. This was an idea brought up to me by friends after discussions ensured about my Disney project. Dreamworks movies are a bit tougher, since there are a lot of them, and I haven’t seen a good chunk of them. Dreamworks is also known for quantity over quality, so that may be a tougher project to tackle. Still, it’s an idea I may try to get to you at some point. It may be a bit grueling, but I am curious to see a few of these movies.

A Ranking of Every WrestleMania, Updated Yearly. I will likely hold off on this one until after WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans in 2018. I will also likely collaborate on this with members of the community too. The ranking project will reflect the overall quality of each event as a whole. A separate idea was proposed to focus solely on the main events of each PPV, which is an idea I like too, because some WrestleMania events may not be great overall, but still have an awesome final match. And some overall good Manias have bad main events. Could be interesting.

A Ranking of Every Royal Rumble Match, Updated Yearly. Same as the WrestleMania project above, only we’ll shoot to get this updated in January each year. This will focus solely on the rumble itself, and not the overall PPV. Because of how this is set up as a special attraction event, ranking the event as a whole is not a project I am interested in doing. I will however compile a list of the best non-rumble matches for a different blog entirely. Another suggestion was ranking the winners only. That is also interesting, as a few Rumbles have been poorly booked but had good winners, and some were booked very well until the last man standing was revealed. I may tackle that idea too.

A Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies. This has been on my radar for some time. I think this would be a great project with a positive reception, but I also know I’ll get some backlash since I’m not a big comic book fan and know the heroes more from their movies than their graphic novels. So perhaps when I do this project, I’ll coordinate with comic book fans and really get some insight. Any volunteers?

A Ranking of the Harry Potter Films and Books. I will likely do this as one project, without including Fantastic Beasts and stick to the Potter series. This one will be fun for me, because my ranking of the books and movies is actually different.

A Ranking of Every Batman Movie. This idea was given to me by guest blogger Mark Adams. In this project, I would rank everything considered feature length and featuring Batman as a star player. This would include animated films too, so I have some watching to do. I love the dark knight so I’d happily take this project on.

A Ranking of Every Zelda Game. I’ve gotten this request before, but I simply haven’t played them all. That’s a lot harder than a movie project, because it would be tough to get my hands on every game and play it through. I will request help with this one to make it a reality. Who wants in?

Ranking the Original 151 Pokemon. This one I will do, and try to do it well. Any gens past 2, don’t bother asking, my knowledge disappears after Gold & Silver.

A Ranking of the Mario Games. Unlike Zelda, I’ve played a majority of these, so this ranking could possibly be done. Mario is one of my favorite gaming franchises, so to rank them all and keep playing would be a lot of fun. The only question is, do I include every game with Mario in it, or only Mario-centric games, and skip spinoffs like Smash Bros and Mario Kart? A question for a later date.

The Top 100 Disney Songs of All Time. Currently earmarked as a definite project, but this will require a ton of work too!

More Interactive Blogs. I did this for favorite WrestleMania matches and wrestlers in the past, where readers submitted their own lists and I polled them into one big list. Unfortunately, I’ve attempted this twice with other ideas and none of them took off. I will do more in the future, if the interest is there.



A few ideas I’ve turned down:
-Best Promo Videos in WWE. Suggested by past collaborator Antonio Figueroa, I simply couldn’t go back and watch every hype and video feud WWE has ever done. If anyone else would like to tackle this as a project, I will happily host it for you!
-Disneytoon Studios. This is the studio that made a lot of the direct-to-video sequels. While they did give us A Goofy Movie and some of the fun Winnie the Pooh stories, their library is too big with cash grab sequels I’m not interested in reviewing. I may do a top 10, but not a full ranking here.
-Personal Stories about Disney/Universal. As funny as these can be, I will not write about these publicly. But anyone who has a question can simply contact me for a private answer.
-Any ranking of something with too too many things, like an artist’s full discography, or an actor’s full filmography, etc. As much fun as that would be to do, I can’t do that unless my full time paying job is this blog and these projects. If that happens, great! I’ll do everything! Until then, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.



Q: Can I submit an idea for a top 10/ranking project?
A: Absolutely! I will always take requests, and if the project is something I can do, I’ll do it to the best of my abilities.

Q: I have an idea for a project I’d like to collaborate with you on. How do I go about doing that?
A: Contact me via any of the social media links above or email me List out your ideas and if it’s something I can manage, we’ll work out a schedule to plan. Remember to tell me exactly how you want to be credited!

Q: Can I submit a guest blog to you?
A: Always, just make sure we have a way to communicate so I can edit the blog for you and add in any photos or videos you may require.

Q: What’s your main focus for blog topics?
A: I get this question a lot, and the general answer is obviously things I like/know, but the focus is entertainment. I won’t do anything controversial on here, like politics or religion or what have you, because to me those topics can be fun. I’m not a political or religious guy anyway, so my view points on the matters are moot. This holds true for any guest projects too. The key word here is fun.

Q: Is there any censorship for writing on your website?
A: I won’t censor someone’s creativity, but if I feel your content is too adult or you use too many curse words, I will put a disclaimer up in front of your content.

Q: Can I link to any of your posts/photos?
A: Yes, you don’t need permission to link to my posts if you want to share them, but please do not take any photos from here. I don’t own most of them, and if I eventually make money from this page, I will have to go back and copyright credit every single one of them. Stick to the pages, and not the pictures.

Q: Will you link/promote anything of mine?
A: Anyone kind enough to share my content I am happy to share back too. Just contact me and we can discuss it.

Q: Is there any specific way I can help you to get you more involved with your projects, and get something in return.
A: Yes. We currently have a Patreon page set up for donations with givebacks specific to my one podcast, but I will happily branch that out and give people more for monthly donations. You can also PayPal me to make a specific donation to my work, which I can then turn around and repay you with. I will never hold this website hostage to donations, but I will gladly give back to anyone who offers their generosity.


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