The Top 10 Greatest Nickelback Songs

In conjunction with the musical themed blogs of 2018, it’s time to check out the ten greatest songs of one of the greatest bands to ever be formed on this planet.

Nickelback was formed in 1995 in the province of Alberta. Their lead singer, Chad Kroeger, became one of the most iconic voices in all of rock & roll, alongside metal greats like James Hetfield of Metallica and rock greats like Freddie Mercury of Queen. The band has released tons of incredible songs during their tenure, cementing them in the legendary tier of incredible bands, alongside the Beatles and the Rollins Stones. They have some of the most thought-provoking and stunning lyrics ever written, and I think it’s time to count down the ten very best.


10. “SOMEDAY” (The Long Road)

This song brings me right back to the year 2003, when I was in high school and working at a grocery store, and then the ski resort, because it was all over the radio at the time, and I think I heard it on both my drive to and from work and school. It’s a wonderful track, with deep lyrics and brilliant vocals. Like I said, this band can do no wrong.



You simply can’t go wrong with a song about a girl with a hot body and a thong who enjoys sucking on her thumb. Chad makes reference that when she has the thumb in her mouth, she looks so much cuter. But you know as well as I do, he isn’t actually referring to a thumb at all. He likes when she has something in her mouth, and it’s an appendage, but it’s definitely NOT a finger…if you know what I mean.


8. “FIGURED YOU OUT” (The Long Road)

Once again, Chad sings about the beauty of the female species. He likes going places with her, and enjoys seeing her physical features. He also likes her strong-willed attitude and the fact that she’s feminine, but a strong feminist. He also likes when her pants are down, and she’s definitely into some kinky activities. Clearly, she’s the perfect girl, and Chad is loving figuring her out.


7. “ANIMALS” (All The Right Reasons)

Once again, Chad is having fun with a female companion. This time, he’s being extra sneaky, picking her up in his car as she sneaks out of her house, so they can hit the town and do whatever they want. Of course, she’s not waiting until they park, as she’s making her move while he’s operating the vehicle. Chad Kroeger clearly likes naughty, kinky women, and his brilliant songs reflect this fact!


6. “SAVIN’ ME” (All The Right Reasons)

When a guy gets his life saved, he suddenly gets the ability to see how much time everyone has left on Earth. He doesn’t know what to do with this new ability of his, until he in turn saves another life, and transfers his power to her. It’s a powerful video and a strong message, about searching for your angel and doing the right thing.


5. “HOW YOU REMIND ME” (Silver Side Up)

Is she lost, or is she gone? Was she rejected? Why? These are the questions Chad Kroeger has us pondering as he performs at a nightclub, with a woman who keeps appearing and disappearing as he sings about being reminded of the important things in life. Are you rooting for him, or against him? Don’t you want to see Chad Kroeger happy? Perhaps you agree that Nickelback is the greatest band of all time?


4. “PHOTOGRAPH” (All The Right Reasons)

Ahh, memories. Captured for eternity in photographs. In this song, Chad Kroeger reminisces on his past, from his days in school to his early days forming a band, and his first kiss, all through the magic of photography. Every single picture in our life tells a story that is worth a thousand words, which is where we get the expression. This song is a wonderful reminder of the good (and sometimes bad) of our past in photographs.


3. “ROCKSTAR” (All The Right Reasons)

One thing I’ll disagree with here is the notion that Chad Kroeger isn’t a rockstar, because he’s one of the biggest walking the planet. That said, this song is all about someone who isn’t, wishing they could live that lifestyle, and the over-exaggerated visuals that come with being rich and famous. The video is full of “ordinary” people singing the lyrics. Recognize anyone?


2. “BURN IT TO THE GROUND” (Dark Horse)

This song was used as the Monday Night War theme song for a number of years, but in reality it’s one of their best songs. It’s also one of the heaviest, which helps matters out tremendously. Basically it’s about getting wrecked and just having such an amazing night out that you’ll be burning the city to the ground. We’ve all had those nights, and now it’s time to give those nights the most rockin’ist tune possible.


1. “GOTTA BE SOMEBODY” (Dark Horse)

There are so many amazing songs by this band that it’s almost impossible to choose a favorite, but I think I’ve found mine in “Gotta Be Somebody.” Not only is it beautifully written and performed, but it sends the most powerful message about not wanting to be alone and how there’s a match for literally anyone. If this song doesn’t get your emotions running high, you just may be an emotionless robot.


Well there you have it guys and girls! Did I miss any amazing songs? Let me know in the comments, and just like Chad Kroeger, keep on rocking and happy April 1st! 🙂


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